Signet members can be Harvard undergraduates (elected in their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year), graduates (alumni elected as undergrads), and associates (from the Harvard community of faculty, administrators, and grad students). Occasionally, the Board of Associates elects honorary members who don't quite fit into other categories. 

Members are chosen with regard to their intellectual, literary and artistic ability and achievements, and with regard for the purposes for which the Society was founded. Any Harvard College junior or senior can apply for membership in the fall; any sophomore or junior can apply in the spring. Undergraduate and grad-student candidates are asked to supply a C.V. and samples of work.

All members are welcome at lunches, teas, the Annual Dinner, and other activities, both at the Signet House and worldwide.

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We have concluded our Fall 2018 application cycle. Please stay tuned for the Spring 2018 application period at the beginning of next semester. Sophomores and Juniors will be eligible to apply then.