About The Signet Society

The Signet Society is the place at Harvard where students and faculty who are interested in the arts can meet over lunch and without academic constraints. Special events such as readings, talks, screenings, shows, and receptions reflect the interests of undergraduates, graduate, and associate members alike: literature, the performing arts, the fine arts, the social sciences, politics, and culture. Renowned artists, writers, actors, and scholars visiting Cambridge often join Signet members for discussions or to give more formal presentations. The Signet Society Alumni work to connect Signet alumni living in 35 countries with the Harvard community and each other.

Signet Life

The Signet is open from 6 a.m. until midnight during the eight months that the College is in session. Members can read, relax, play the piano, and entertain each other and their guests.


Mousiken Poiei Kai Ergazou / "Create Art and Live It"

"Mousiken" refers to any activity over which the Muses preside. "Poiei" means literally "make" and here refers perhaps to the imaginative idea, the inspiration, while "Ergazou" urges us to do the daily work necessary to realize it.